BRAEND was established in 2001 and it has meanwhile become a clearly recognizable brand of men’s shoes. It goes without saying that we are very proud of that.

Our shoe models are designed by an Italian stylist and have a blue lining, which has become our house style. Partly as a result of that, our shoes have a young look. We only use the finest Italian leather. This applies to all shoe models in our entire collection. BRAEND shoes are well-known throughout the market and always give the customer value for money.

Our motivation first and foremost stems from our eagerness to know our target market, to understand our consumers’ needs and to take their feedback into account.

For this reason, we as BRAEND attach a lot of value to the end product. Moreover, we continuously focus on fashionable high-quality footwear with an excellent fit.

That is why season after season the BRAEND shoe collection has a strong brand identity, is very original and has a great commercial value, which we skillfully try to maintain.

Last but not least, the combination of these elements offers retailers and consumers a brand they can put their trust in: a shoe brand with an excellent reputation for its high quality, which at the same time is affordable and fashionable.

From its establishment in 2001, BRAEND was initially only sold in the Netherlands. We made the conscious choice to introduce BRAEND in Belgium and Germany only at a later stage, after its success on the home market.